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Wednesday, March 16, 2011 - 3:22pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Japan, in the northeast snow is interrupting rescue efforts in an area already devastated by the tsunami. Workers are still looking for thousands of missing residents. The official death toll there is getting close to 4000. As for survivors, many of them are in shelters trying to get by with little water and electricity.

United States – The CIA contractor imprisoned in Pakistan for killing two local men is now free. The U.S. has denied it paid the families of those two men 2 million dollars for Raymond Davis' release. He allegedly killed those men in self defense and Pakistan refused to release him. Despite U.S. claims he had diplomatic immunity.

Hague – A massive online pedophile network have been broken up by the European police organization “Europol.” 200 suspected pedophiles were arrested and hundreds more have been identified. The arrests were made in several countries and the operation also tracked suspected offenders here in the U.S.
The suspects are from all walks of life, including, schoolteachers, members of the scouting fraternity, IT consultants, farm hands, sales consultants.

China – A Lamborghini owner does the unthinkable to his car, he smashes it with a sledgehammer. The owner bought the used car last month and apparently engine problems and maintenance issues pushed him over the edge. People took pictures and video as other people joined in. The Lamborghini is priced around 300-thousand dollars.

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