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Tuesday, March 15, 2011 - 4:47pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Japan, in the north, rescue crews found two survivors in the rubble. Including a 70-year-old woman was found 5 days after the disaster. The woman was found underneath the rubble of what used to be her home. Residents like her warned only minutes before the tsunami slammed into the country.

United States – Tsunami waves did more than $40 million dollars in damage to California. Santa Cruz harbor, where boats were torn from their moorings, suffered $17 million alone. Other harbors suffered significant damage as well. State officials are still debating whether to seek federal help for rebuilding efforts

Libya – While greatly outmatched, the rebels aren't backing down. They continue to take up positions in the country's east preparing for more attacks by Khaddafy forces. The rebels say their enemy is terrible; claiming the soldiers rarely hit what they shoot for. They say with more heavy armor and a little help from the west they'd win this war.

Iraq – A prison riot and planned escape, leaves two inmates dead and 14 wounded. We’re told the breakout had been planned for three months. Inmates sawed through doors and windows, and 200 to 300 prisoners that many facing execution, tried to escape.

England – A clock went up today in London’s Trafalgar Square to start the countdown for the London Olympics. There are 500-days till the start of the games. Tickets went on sale at midnight local time.

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