'Jeff Who Lives at Home' movie preview

Friday, March 16, 2012 - 9:33pm

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX44) – At a time when more college grads are moving back in with their parents, "Jeff Who Lives at Home" takes a slightly different approach with Jason Segal headlining this heartfelt comedy. Playing a slacker living in his mother's basement, a bizarre day spent with his brother makes Jeff discover his destiny. And the cast believes audiences may be surprised.

Segal says: "I think more than anything it's a movie about faith and destiny and being aware of the signs the universe presents to you."

Helms says: "I think people may be surprised to see Jason and me in this context, but I’m so proud of it and to be a part of it."

Sarandon says: "I think that audiences might go in expecting a certain kind of comedy and maybe not so much afterwards because it slips some pretty interesting ideas in between some of these scenes."

For Susan Sarandon, the universal theme of realizing and finding your path hit home for the veteran actress.

Sarandon says: "I’m a huge believer in life dealing up much more than you could possibly dream up in your imagination and I think that's why being in the moment is really important, not that you don't get insurance or not have a roof over your head, but people can cross your path that have something to tell you and have some bit of information that will trigger some thought or behavior that you just can't anticipate, unless you have your blinders off or ready to switch paths your missing out on a lot of wonderful things to happen, so I’m totally with Jeff in the basement on that one."

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