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Levee breech in Jefferson Parish caused by Tropical Storm Lee

Photos provided by GOHSEP
Monday, September 5, 2011 - 5:28pm

HARVEY, LA (FOX44) -- A levee breech on the unprotected side of a floodwall located in Harvey, La. could have had disastrous outcomes. Fortunately, repairs were made in time and the worst was avoided.

“Earlier today, the Department of Environment Quality moved quickly to support the Corps’ action to open valves along the Harvey Floodwall structure and allow floodwaters to flow into drainage structures and away from businesses there,” Governor Jindal said in a press release issued during the late afternoon on Monday, Sept. 5.

Roughly 10-20 gallons of diesel sheen was spotted on the floodwater that was contained inside the floodwall system. Governor Jindal says that the Department of Environmental Quality was able to locate the responsible party, and a cleanup effort is underway.

Currently the Army Corps along with the Levee District is working to repair and fortify the breeched interior levee.

“State Police is escorting Parish President John Young on a flight over the affected area in the Harvey Floodwall and other parts of the parish in order to assess other areas that may have been impacted by flooding from Tropical Storm Lee,” Jindal explained.

No word has been given on whether other weak spots have been detected.


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