Libya, China, Brazil, Croatia, Argentina

Friday, May 13, 2011 - 6:24pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Libya, in Brega of a crater caused by a Nato blast that killed over a dozen civilians today. Broadcasters say at least 16-people were killed and up to 40-people were injured. Nato says that the report isn't true.

China – A bank cashier who was fired last month for allegedly stealing money returned to his former workplace with a gas bomb. More than 40-people have been injured and half of them are in critical condition. Some jumped from a fifth story window to escape the fire that broke out. The suspect fled and no word yet on if he was caught.

Brazil – You've heard of a "bull in a china shop" but how about an ox in a clothing store? That was the scene when an ox ran into a women's clothing shop. The animal got loose after the truck it was riding in ran off the road. After shattering a front window it was wrangled and taken back home.

Croatia –Another boy who claims he's magnetic. A 6-year old with these strange powers, supposedly his little chest can hold up to 55 pounds of metal at one time.

Argentina – Buenos Aires named the 2012 book capital of the world. And to celebrate, an 82 foot tower of books went up. Thirty thousand books from all over the world were donated to make it happen. On the exhibit's last day visitors will be able to take a book home with them.

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