Libya, Indonesia, Mexico, China, New Zealand

Tuesday, June 7, 2011 - 3:55pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Libya, the aftermath of the biggest barrage from coalition forces since the campaign began in May. Buildings like these at Moammar Khaddafy's compound were reduced to rubble. Nato jets bomb Tripoli regularly but almost always at night. Witnesses report 26-airstrikes, this all to get the dictator to leave but he wont.

Indonesia – Over 20-people are dead after a ferry sinks off the coast. Survivors said the wooden boat was hit by a very large wave. Lots of people ride the ferry to get around but most of them are poorly maintained and lack safety standards.

Mexico – Police say huge tanks made by a drug cartel were seized yesterday. The drug cartels were operating near the U.S. border. They've been nicknamed "monsters" because the only thing that can penetrate the tanks armor is a certain type of grenade. Authorities say they were used to patrol drug smuggling routes.

China – The country says it has manufactured a new rocket. The long range artillery was tested yesterday successfully. China has big plans to beef up its military this year by spending ninety-one and a half billion dollars to do that.

New Zealand – Shrek the famous sheep has died. Shrek gained international fame in 2004 when he was found hiding out in a cave. Once he was shaved, an impressive 60-pounds of wool went to auction for charity. Shrek was sixteen, that's ninety in human years, when he died.

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