"Low Pants - No Chance" Campaign

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 3:58pm

A Baton Rouge Councilwoman is telling kids in the Capital City to pull up their pants.

C. Denise Marcell she says she wants kids in Baton Rouge to be as sucessfull as they can - but they're wardrobe might be in the way.  Now - she's trying to get a resolution passed in council.

It's called Low pants - No chance.  The message is to tell kids who sag their pants they're hurting their futures.

But not everyone's on board. We spoke with someone who says sagging pants is comfortable for some - and doesn't dictate how employable a person is.

Marcelle is taking her campaign to Counci Wednesday afternoon.  She says several businesses in her district have promised to kick people who wear saggy pants out of their stores.


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This is my cousin. This is awesome Bailey, you're doin it, you look to be going somewhere with your music, you are getting covered in the news man. Hope you do great, see you soon.

This is my cousin. He has worked so hard in the military and his music career. I'm glad he is finally deciding to try and do something with music. He's always had a passion for it and I loved listening to him singing at the pool. I hope he does well! I love you Bay and miss ya!

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