Man bets against Saints: 8 months later

Says he bought a new TV

Thursday, September 9, 2010 - 4:53pm

Nearly eight months after losing his 60-inch TV in a bet against the Saints, one Albany native says he's got a new TV and newfound respect for the Superbowl champs.

Back in December, Wayne Spring bet his friends that the black and gold would lose to the Redskins. They won in overtime and his friends showed up at his house minutes later to shoot up his television.

Spring videoed the whole thing and put it on YouTube. It became an instant Internet sensation. Right now, Spring's video has been viewed over 900,000 times. He's hoping for a million by the end of the football season.

"Definitely, I'd be willing to bet my TV that we'll be over a million views," Spring joked.

Spring sold the rights of his video to Tru TV. They played it on their show "Most Daring" and he used the money to buy a new flat screen. "This TV's a lot nicer," he says. "I definitely wouldn't bet this TV. There's just no way."

Spring says his old TV has become pretty famous since it's demise. Saints running back, Pierre Thomas, signed the TV and Spring keeps it in his backyard for the memories. He says someone actually bid over $600,000 on eBay for the totaled TV, but no one has come to collect.


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