Marucci brand expands across nation and locally

Wednesday, April 4, 2012 - 11:53pm

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) - The Marucci name is everywhere in baseball. Approximately 300 Major League Baseball players will swing a bat made by the Marucci bat company, that’s located in Baton Rouge, this season.

“We will go above and beyond to make sure that when they get a box of 12 bats, they are going to be gamers. They are going to be ready to go,” Kyle Ourso with Marucci said.

The best hitter in the game today, Albert Pujols, swings one of their handmade sticks. This season he is no longer in St. Louis after finding a new home with the Los Angeles Angels.

“It's really helped us out on exposure. He is on all the tickets and billboards. You can see a reflection of the orders coming in from the west coast. He and Vernon wells are really helping us grow out west right now,” Ourso said.

From coast to coast the Marucci brand is being noticed. It’s not just happening in the big leagues but on lower levels you’ll see the “M” too, with the more recent addition of its aluminum bats.

“The aluminum bat came as a hunch but also as a demand. The main thing is that we built everything on is sticking with the quality. We didn't want to put out a bat that isn't comparable to our wood bat,” said Ourso.

With that, even local little leaguers can get their hands on the same brand their favorite big leaguers use.

“They all love the story and they buy into it. They all want to swing the same bat that Albert swings and that that David Ortiz uses. It’s that brand that they have become attached to and the product speaks for itself,” Ourso said Wednesday afternoon.

But the company may not stop expanding at aluminum bats. There may be other products on the way Ourso says.

“As we look to grow into bags, batting gloves, catcher’s equipment, we are constantly growing. With that you need more people and most importantly good people that share the same vision that the original guys see and stand behind it with honor.”


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