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Tuesday, July 26, 2011 - 6:14pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Mexico, travelers now have the option of getting a free measles shot. The move came after a baby arrived at the Mexico City airport with it earlier this month. It's the country's first case of measles in four years. Officials are just trying to prevent a bad outbreak.

The Philippines – Seven people were killed in heavy flooding and landslides and the search continues for nearly a dozen missing fishermen. This particular area received a whole months worth of rain, in just 4-hours. Tens of thousands of people are now living in shelters.

Chile – This is a first for Starbucks, workers have gone on strike in Santiago. They walked off the job earlier this month. The employees want higher pay and better benefits.

Japan – Tokyo's famous tuna market is back in business after the March 11th earthquake shut it down. The tuna bidding floor has always been a tourist favorite.

Australia – A 94-year-old woman was attacked by a kangaroo in her backyard. "I hit it on the head with the broom and it still came at me.” She had to go to the hospital after the marsupial kicked and scratched her. Officials finally chased it off with some pepper spray.

United States – The guy known as the “human home run” lived up to his name. He shot himself out of a 35-foot cannon and over the outfield wall at a ball park in Massachusetts. The daredevil: David the "cannonball" smith is 69-years-young.

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