Mexico, Thailand, China, India

Monday, July 4, 2011 - 5:05pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Mexico, a 115-foot fishing boat was caught up in an electrical storm and capsized early Sunday. Officials say 44-people were on board and over half were Americans. Mexican fishing boats rescued three people and called authorities for help.

Thailand – A narrow escape for a bomb squad officer when he tried to open the door of a parked car and a bomb exploded. Believe it or not he walked away unhurt. Muslim militants targeted two other government buildings the same way.

China – A lot of damage here due to heavy rainfall. Mudslides have cut off access to a major highway in the southwest part of the country. The downpours have wreaked havoc hear since Saturday.

Staying in China, a woman broke her arm after catching a 2-year-old child who fell from the tenth floor of an apartment building. She claims she saw the child dangling and reached out and grabbed her before she hit the ground. Officials think the kid just climbed out of an open window. The child is in the hospital in critical condition.

India – A treasure trove valued at more than twenty-two billion dollars is found in vaults under a temple. There's so much treasure, officials are weighing coins by the sack-full, instead of trying to count them all and there could be more where that came from. Another vault down there still needs to be unlocked.

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