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Thursday, March 29, 2012 - 8:01pm

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX44) – It's the classic princess story that's been around for hundreds of years, the fairy tale of Snow White. And actresses Julia Roberts and Lily Collins are sharing their excitement of retelling the story in their new live-action tale, "Mirror Mirror" hitting theaters, this Friday.

The first of two Snow White themed projects heads to the big screen, taking a much lighter look at the famed fairy tale. Julia Roberts plays the Evil Queen, in a story about a vain monarch who exiles a princess because of her beauty. She says accepting the role wasn't an easy decision.

Roberts says: "It wasn't so much of the iconic elements of it. I wasn't sure what was the story to tell when I was first told about the thumb nail sketch of it."

Roberts says: “It was so witty and winning and we kept working on it and escalating it and making it funnier and with each cast member tailoring what they were going to bring to it and it really kind of turned into a jewel.”

We got some interesting answers, when we asked the film's stars who they would like to get advice from in their own magic mirror.

Collins says: "The person I admire the most in film and who I drew a lot of inspiration for this film in particular is Audrey Hepburn."

Hammer says: "Oh I would love to have Mr. Mike Tyson in the mirror on the other side cause then you get to talk to Mike Tyson but then if I was shadow boxing he'd be like no you’re dropping you hook, your telegraphing."

Roberts says: “I can only think of Eleanor Roosevelt, I don't even know if she even applies to what we are talking about.”

And while much of Hollywood is obsessed with appearance and youth, Julia offers words of wisdom on the topic.

Roberts says: “Vanity is one of those great diseases is supported by people's panic and fear and negativity, I mean if we can cast a spell on dispersing negative energy on each other, we would not only age more beautifully and realistically, but joyfully."


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