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Wednesday, May 18, 2011 - 5:32pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Morocco, order has been restored at a prison after a 24-hour riot. Inmates held prison officials hostage and fought law enforcement officials using iron bars and rocks taken from the prison walls. The prisoners were rioting over jail conditions.

Colombia – Eight miners are lucky to be alive after a coal mine caved in. The miners were trapped for ten tense hours. The men were believed to have been dead until people on the surface heard shouting from down below.

The Philippines – People warned the world will end on Saturday. A Christian ministry called a family radio there. They are claiming the second coming of Christ is on May the 21st. The date was calculated on their interpretation of the bible.

Libya – A book fair is selling all pieces of literature banned by the country's dictator Moammar Al Khaddafy and they're selling like hotcakes. Booksellers say people want to learn about their uncensored history. Meanwhile, the civil war rages on.

China – A bride is very upset with her fiancé because he married someone else right before their wedding. She tried to jump out a window seven stories up. People watched from the ground as the 22-year old college student sat swinging her legs over the ledge for more than an hour. Police officers and volunteers finally pulled her inside. They took her went straight to the hospital.

United Kingdom – A man in Wales tried to get a horse on a passenger train and went as far as purchasing two tickets. Unsurprisingly he was turned away but only after he took the creature onto the platform and tried to get on.

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