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Murder that occurred in 2006 finally receives trial

Friday, March 25, 2011 - 11:26am

THIS IS A FOX44 UPDATE -  A four-year-old shooting case comes to a close Friday after the man accused of killing an Olive Garden employee admitted his guilt.

Tracy Young will spend the rest of his life in jail for shooting Aaron Arnold in the Olive Garden Parking lot back in September of 2007. Young was facing the death penalty.

Sanchez Brumfeld, who was young's accomplice, has already been convicted of first-degree murder charges. Brumfeld was sentenced to death, but District Attorney Hillar Moore says that sentence will likely be reduced to life in prison.

For relatives of Young, and the man he killed, it was an emotional day in the courtroom.

"We're going to miss our son forever," says Arnold's father, Bob. For Bob Arnold and his family, it's been a long road to find redemption for his son's murder, and today, justice was finally served.

"We're glad it's over with," he says, "but its very difficult on both sides."

While Young's plea doesn't end the family's suffering, it does mark the close to a case that's been haunting them for years. "I think the crime has been extinguished in my mind," says Arnold.

Inside the courtroom, Young expressed his sincerest apologies to the victim's family, saying if he could trade places with Arnold, he would.

"This family showed mercy to the killer of their son, who showed no mercy," says Hillar Moore, East Baton Rouge District Attorney.

It was a kindness not lost on Young's family. "All I can say is I apologize to the Arnold's that is happened this way," says Reneen Johnson, Young's oldest sister. "I'm going to keep them in prayer everyday."

Young's oldest sister says she supported her brother's decision and is thankful that he won't face the death penalty. "Death is strong words," she says. "I know he didn't want that. My family didn't want that. We apologize that this did happen."

Now, the families will move forward, hoping to put the events of that fateful day behind them. "It's not bringing our son back, but I think we can start the healing process," says Arnold.

FOX44 did attempt to contact young's attorney. Margaret Lagattuta chose not to say anything out of respect for the victim's family.


UPDATE: Tracy Young has plead guilty to a charge of First Degree Murder shortly after 11 a.m. at the 19th judicial court.

The charge stems from the shooting of Aaron Arnold, which occured on Sep 2006 in an Olive Garden parking lot.

Young told the family of the victim, “I’m deeply sorry for what happened. If I could trade places with him, I would.”

The parents of the Arnold responded, “I’m sorry for your family. I will make a promise to you, I promise to pray everyday to forgive you.

The family went on to say, "He would have been your friend if you would have gave him five minutes.”

They also said, “He didn’t have any money, that’s why he didn’t give you his wallet. If he would have had money, he would have given it to you.”

The victim's family also acknowledged that Young plead guilty and didn't go to trial. “Thank you for not putting us through a trial, because it would have been really hard for us to see our son’s picture,” stated the family.

Once it was over, everyone was in tears. The victim’s family went over to Young’s family, and they embraced. The sister of Young said she was so sorry for what her brother did.

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) - A trial for a crime that happened over four years ago got started on March 22.

In September 2006, two people approached Aaron Arnold after work at Olive Garden and shot the man in the parking lot. When it was over, Arnold was dead.

Tracy Young is on trial for the murder of Arnold.

Sanchez Brumfield has already been convicted and given the death penalty in the "Olive Garden Case".


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