'New Girl' Season 1 & 2 preview

Thursday, May 10, 2012 - 4:55pm

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX44) – As season one of FOX’s hit comedy "New Girl" wraps up, there is one big unanswered question, is Jake Johnson’s character really moving out of the apartment?

Greenfield says: "I'm a big fan of Jake Johnson, not a big fan of Nick, so it will be fine."
Johnson says: "Even if I move out I’m not leaving the damn show, so just cool it, I’m sticking around 'New Girl' until the wheels fall off the train."

Morris says: "I can't say what's going to happen but we do lose a roommate, but we get a new roommate."

Star Zooey Deschanel, who is also a producer on the show, says the cast is one of the reasons the comedy is successful.

Deschanel says: "It's the people we have a really great group, I was involved in the casting process from the beginning and I’d have to say I met all these guys and got along with them and it's exciting to see them become TV stars."

Fans love the mismatched relationship between Cece and Schmidt, and star Hannah Simone likes the name they have made up for the couple.

Simone says: "You know how Brad and Angelina are called ‘Brangelina’, they've made up a term for Schmidt and Cece they call us ‘Shecece’."

Greenfield says: "We're going to have some ups, some downs like the ocean tide, we eb and flow and that's why people tune in and watch, it's an exciting sexual relationship with emotions."

What everyone wants to know is what's going to happen between jess and nick in season two?

Johnson says: "There's a real spark between Jess and Nick, what's going to happen with it, I’ll be honest, I have no idea."

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