New technique used to save the wetlands

Protects coast from oil

Wednesday, December 22, 2010 - 5:17pm

PASS-A-LOUTRE, La (NBC33) -- There's a new way to clean up the Crisis on the Coast. A national foundation put plant-filled sacks up and down parts of a wildlife refuge to stop the oil from destroying the coast. The technique starts with a biodegradable bag. Gulf Saver Bags are filled with marsh grasses that will take root in the ground within four to six weeks.

Twenty volunteers lined part of the Pass-a-Loutre beach with more than 350. "They're filled with a special humus mixed with millions of oil eating microbes and plenty of nutrients for these grasses to take hold," says Leslie Carrere with Restore the Earth Foundation.

Their job is far from over. There are three more sites on Pass-a-Loutre that will use the bags and even more along other parts of the coast.

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