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New in Theaters - March 23, 2012

Thursday, March 22, 2012 - 8:11pm

NEW YORK, NY (FOX44) – Its game on at the movies, as the first installment of a best-selling book trilogy enters the ring as a potential blockbuster franchise with “The Hunger Games", starring Jennifer Lawrence in the futuristic story about a teen who volunteers to take her sister's place in a brutal fight for survival. It has already broken the record for most pre-sale tickets for a non-sequel. Expect long lines and packed theaters during its opening weekend.

Keeping the action on overdrive, it's martial arts fighting for survival "The Raid: Redemption" follows a special forces team trapped in a building by a crime lord and forced to fight their way out floor-by-floor. Linkin Park's Mike Shinoda helped score the film.

They're up against the big-budget flick "John Carter" which Disney admitted won't make back its rumored 275-million dollar budget. Plus the apparent winning combination of Jonah Hill, Channing Tatum, and the big screen remake of the FOX TV series "21 Jump Street" as the number one hit comedy continues to go for laughs.

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