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New in Theaters - September 30, 2011

Friday, September 30, 2011 - 4:57pm

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) – “50/50”

This comedy follows Adam (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a 27-year-old who is diagnosed with Cancer and has a 50/50 percent chance of beating the disease. Adam tries to figure out how to deal with having Cancer and decides to confront his situation head on. This film also stars Seth Rogen and Anna Kendrick. Rated R

“Dream House”


After Peter (Daniel Craig) and his family move into their dream home, they soon find out that the house might not be as perfect as they thought. Peter finds out that the family that lived there before were all murdered except for the father. As Peter starts to investigate the murders, he finds out more than he bargained for. This film also stars Rachel Weisz and Naomi Watts. Rated PG-13

“What's Your Number?”

For Ally Darling (Anna Faris), her dating hasn’t always been great. After she hears a disturbing fact about the percent of women that can’t find husbands, she decides to track down the last 20-guys she dated. And she relizes you can’t figure out life by the numbers, you have to figure it out as it goes. This film also stars Chris Evans and Ari Graynor. Rated R


From the creators of “Fireproof” comes a film about, the heroes that protect our streets and still have to deal with all of the normal issues of life. After one police officer has tragedy strike, he realizes that honor starts at home. Four officers decide to make a better effort to become better husbands and fathers. This film stars Alex Kendrick, Ken Bevel and Kevin Downes. Rated PG-13

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