Nintendo unveiling newest version of the Wii

Wednesday, June 8, 2011 - 1:37pm

NATIONAL (FOX44) - Get ready to upgrade your Wii as Nintendo unveils the newest incarnation of the popular gaming console.
The “Wii-U” features a touch screen controller similar to Apple's I-pad.
It can broadcast high-definition video, detect motion and allow players to interact with what they're watching on television.
Other features include a directional pad, microphone, dual analogue sticks, speakers, two pairs of shoulder buttons and a front-facing camera.
In addition to gaming, the device can be used to make video phone calls and surf the internet.
The “Wii-U” will be released between December and April, and will be compatible with the current system.
There's no word on what the “Wii-U” will cost.


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