Painter's restraining order prolonged indefinitely

Painter denies allegations

Tuesday, September 7, 2010 - 9:24pm

A temporary restraining order against the former Alcohol and Tobacco Control Commissioner has been extended indefinitely. District Judge Todd Hernandez ordered that preliminary injuction today against Murphy Painter after an ex-ATC employee claimed that Painter had been stalking and harrassing both her and her family.

Kelli Suire filed for the restraining order after investigators with the Inspector General's Office found evidence that Painter had been keeping track of her with ATC computers. According to court documents, Painter used a police database as recently as August 9th to look up information about Suire and her family. In an affidavit filed August 26th, Suire says she fears for her life.

Attorney Jill Craft says the decision to prolong the restraining order against Painter doesn't come as a shock.

"It doesn't surprise me that the court would go ahead and enforce something that's fairly obvious," Craft says. "She doesn't want him anywhere near her."

The preliminary injunction states that Painter can't make any contact with Suire whatsoever. He has been ordered to stay 1,000 feet away from her home, her workplace, and anywhere that he knows she might be.

In court documents, Suire says Painter stalked and harrassed her enough that she had to move to a new house in secret. Those documents also say "Mr. Painter was incessently driving by her house, watching her, texting her messages about what she was wearing," and threatening her.

Painter continues to deny Suires allegations. Attorney Murphy Foster says Painter was in favor of the restraining order.

"He has no reason or desire whatsoever to be around the petitioner, doesn't care to be around the petitioner, so we have no objection," says Foster. But he says the situation isn't over just yet. He plans to provide new information in the weeks ahead he thinks will "shed a significantly different light on the matter."

Foster would not comment on the Inspector General's current investigation into those charges.

For the most recent court documents check out the attachment below.


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