Pakistan, China, The Czech Republic, United States

Monday, June 20, 2011 - 5:22pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – Pakistan, a child tells authorities that she was kidnapped by militants. She was fitted with a suicide vest and taught how to press a button to blow herself up. The target was a police checkpoint. The little girl says the first vest didn't fit and she was able to escape while her captors were trying to find a new one.

China – A couple was trapped in fast moving flood waters. They were rescued thanks to this bulldozer. The couple was trapped after water spilled over the bridge they were trying to cross. Severe flooding here just this month has killed 170-people.

Also in China, a scary spot to be in for a 5-year old boy, when he somehow got trapped between two walls. Crews sprayed the boy with oil and inflated an air mattress to widen the gap between the walls to get him out.

The Czech Republic – A military tank that is clearly not meant for warfare is actually there to mark 20-years since soviet troops withdrew from Czechoslovakia. No word on why the artist who painted it chose the color hot pink.

United States – Fifty year old smokestacks came tumbling down at an old plant in Florida. Don't worry the workers there had it all under control. It took just a few seconds and some dynamite for the 300-foot stacks to fall. A one billion dollar natural gas facility will replace the smokestacks.

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