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Parts Of Saint Francisville Already Being Effected By Flooding

Friday, May 13, 2011 - 3:00pm

In Saint Francisville, the low-lying area near the ferry landing is under water.
The flood waters have reached halfway up some homes.
The road is covered by the river to the bottom of the big hill leading into the main part of the city.
Residents we talked to say the area has gotten about 11 feet of water, and another three feet is expected before the flooding stops.
Those high river levels are not being seen everywhere in Saint Francisville.
Local residents say the rumor that the whole city is under water is hurting their economy.
Most of the town is built on a bluff.
The flooding being seen in low-lying areas near the river is not expected to reach the main part of Saint Francisville.
That's where the plantations and shops that draw in tourists are located.
Residents want people to know that those tourist destinations are flood free and safe to visit.
But visitors just aren't coming.

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