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Post-production companies provide jobs for local talent

Musicians urged to submit their work

Wednesday, February 16, 2011 - 5:43pm

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) -- More and more post-production companies are setting up shop in the Bayou State, and relying on local talent to keep all the work right here in Louisiana.

The Louisiana music scene has a lot to offer. "It's a huge melting pot of musicians around here," says Startisan drummer, Buck Langston. His Baton Rouge-based band, called Startisan, recently got the opportunity to showcase their sound on the big screen. They were asked by a local post-production company to make some music for Never Back Down 2. That movie filmed in Louisiana back in October.

""You're getting music put out there on a national scope, or perhaps an international scope," says singer and guitarist Mike Hogan. Startisan is just one of the bands taking advantage of a new post-production company in Baton Rouge. Cutting Edge USA is the world's biggest music for film company, boasting involvement in more than 130 films over the last 18 months, including Oscar nominated The King's Speech.

"We suddenly thought, hold on! Louisiana is a great wealth of talent. There's a huge amount of music coming out of Louisiana. We should set up an office here and utilize the opportunities," says James Gibb, head of music and film at Cutting Edge USA.

Now, the company is looking for local musicians to add finishing touches to movies already being filmed down here. "Over the next two or three years, if we keep doing this, hopefully we can find the next big star," he says.

It's not just musicians cashing in on the changes. Making Louisiana a one-stop-shop for movie productions creates more local jobs and brings new people to the state. "They see the post-production facilities. They feel the vibe, and it's really amazing how many people have purchased homes here."

LittleHouse Productions is a prime example of the impact the growing industry has on the local economy. Cutting Edge will be using small studios, like the one you see in the video, to record local talent.

"I think Baton Rouge, and Louisiana in general, is becoming such a lightening rod for the whole entertainment industry," says Hogan. It's further proof that Cajun Hollywood isn't going anywhere.

Right now, Cutting Edge is looking for submissions. You can learn more about the company at or send Jeremy with the Baton Rouge office an email:

Also take a look at Startisan's website at or Like them on Facebook.


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