Prarieville celebrates 2012 Rib Off

Sunday, February 5, 2012 - 9:21pm

"Everybody was cooking, watching the Superbowl, we're like hey, let's make a challenge out of it, and judge a few people," said Lindsay Young, a 2012 Rib Off Participant.

The tradition of the "Rib Off" started in Lindsay Young's back yard, with nothing but a few friends and a paper plate to keep score.

"We didn't even have any of the trophies yet, we didn't have anything, and it was just a group of friends gathered together," said Young.

Now in it's sixth year, the annual Rib Off has seen five winners, and this year, they can add at least five more cooks to the competition. Ryan Schexnayder is the only cook to take home two aprons.

"I won the first one back in 2007, and I won last year in 2011," said two time Rib Off Champion, Ryan Schexnayder.

He says his secret is having fun with your cooking, adding ingredients like Root Beer.

"I opened them up, and poured a can of Root Beer and put a cover over them, and they stayed on the foil for another half hour, so it was the Root Beer ribs that definetly did it the first time," said Schexnayder.

But the main reason for this event is to meet people in their community of Prarieville. Rib Off Creator Mike Strong says he's trying to feed as many people as possible.

"Who wouldn't come? Economy today, you better eat free while you can, where you can," said Strong.

And to Strong, every year is another year he gets to pay tribute to the person that taught him to cook.

"It's family, it's a tradition, orignially I'm from Vicksburg, Mississippi, my mother was the barbeque queen, and she had a three legged pit, had to lean it against a tree."


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