Red Cross assists Convent fire victims

Friday, October 21, 2011 - 6:09pm

BATON ROUGE, La (FOX44) — The Red Cross spent the early morning finding shelter and trying to get almost a dozen people back on their feet. That's after a fire destroyed an apartment complex in Convent.

As families watched their homes burn early this morning, the Red Cross was there to help.

"When volunteers are there and able to wrap up a warm blanket around a resident who is really needing not only to be warm, but to know someone else cares about them at that time, that's just comforting," says Nancy Malone.

She works with the Louisiana Capitol Area Chapter of the Red Cross. Malone says volunteers helped eight adults and two children this morning. They provided food, shelter, and medicine to the displaced residents.

"We helped these families today. There could be a fire tonight," Malone says. "There could be a fire call happening right now. There's so many firest that happen everyday in our community and we just want to be able to help every single time."

This week has been particularly tough for the Red Cross. "We had 15 in two and a half days, people that we had helped," she says. "And then add this on top of it."

Already the Baton Rouge Chapter has helped more than 200 people than they had this time last year. "I work here and there's just no desensitizing yourself to it," says Malone. "It's heartbreaking, and I'm just very sad today."

Malone says there's something you can do to help by volunteering your time or donating what you can to the organization.

"Every dollar makes a difference to these families," she says. "Every dollar represents a blanket or a comfort kit. At the moment of a disaster, at that critical time, everyone needs a helping hand."

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