Riders gather for 8th annual Motorcyle Awareness Rally at the Capitol

Sunday, April 29, 2012 - 5:38pm

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) - "Iim and I used to come, and this is to raise awareness for motorcycles on our roadways"

Amy Pickholtz lost her husband in a motorcycle crash in 2007, since then, she's been trying to raise awareness for her fellow riders.

"So that people will look at us, they will see us, and they're not going to hit us, and most of the crashes that occur, statistically are with cars crashing into motorcycles," said Pickholtz.

She's even pushing a new law to have those who drive away from the scene of an accident suffer stricter penalties.

"Senator Gary Smith Jr. is the sponsor for 2012 Pickholtz Act bill, and hopefully we can get the Governor to sign that into legislation," said Pickholtz.

But the spirit at this rally Sunday showed a marked improvement. Motorcycle Awareness Campaign Officials say crashes are down 21 percent in 2011. They say that number's sinking because of marketing around the state.

"We got 30,000 yard signs around the state, we've got billboards throughout the state," said MAC President Warren Broussard.

They also said, someone was drinking in 34 percent of those crashes in 2011.
They say that number's too high.

"Usually what'll happen is it'll be a left turn, and they'll turn left in front of someone, and when that happens, there's going to be a fatality more than likely," said MAC President Broussard.
And they say one rider dead on the road, is always one more, they'll ride and rally for.

"It's this whole idea of enjoying the freedom of being on the motorcycle, we look, we see the cars, it's just that the cars aren't seeing us," said Pickholtz.


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