Scotlandville residents shocked by trash can fires

Wednesday, January 4, 2012 - 7:14pm

SCOTLANDVILLE, La (FOX44) — "I'm 53 years old and I have lived in Scotlandville since I was nine years old and we have never had this in one of our neighborhoods," says Scotlandville resident Rosetta Criff.

Criff can't believe Raymond Gilmore allegedly burned more than a dozen trash cans between three and four-thirty Wednesday morning. "When I seen these black spots, I went inside to see, to ask my patient what was wrong and he said somebody burned down the trash can I just wanted to cry," says Criff.

She's still in shock because something like this just doesn't happen in the neighborhood, "This is one of the oldest communities in Scotlandville. You know and to see this when I came here to wait on my patient this morning. It's just utterly disgusting," says Criff.

The fires all happened off of Scenic Highway between 72nd and 77th streets. The fires hit too close to home for Scotlandville resident Joseph Ashton, "It's just awful, to see something like that in the neighborhood."

Gilmore was arrested by the Baton Rouge Fire Department while allegedly attempting to burn another trash can. Ashton says more cops could stop this from happening again,"Maybe the police patrol might need to step up kind of a little bit and kind of patrol the area a little bit more,"

Criff, though, just doesn't know what to say about what happened in her neighborhood,"I just can't believe. I'm just still. I'm lost for words. I'm really lost for words."


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