Secretary of State to implement new paper ballot scanning system

Thursday, May 26, 2011 - 2:09pm

Louisiana (FOX44) — The Secretary of State’s Office received approval from the Division of Administration to include a new paper ballot scanning system with the current equipment used for elections. This will be implemented statewide using grant money from the Help America Vote Act.

The new scanning system incorporates digital technology allowing for a quicker and more efficient retrieval of ballots as well as saving ballot images on to a computer. Because of previous improvements to the statewide registration system and the assembly of ballots, the digital scanning system will reduce the amount of ballot pages per election and reduce the amount of time required to count paper ballots on the night of an election which reduces cost.

Secretary of State Tom Schedler has assembled an advisory committee representing the Secretary of State’s Office, the registrars of voters and the clerks of court. The committee will inspect and review the digital paper ballot scanning system according to standards set by state law and the secretary of state. The committee will then advise the secretary as to adopt or reject the proposed system.

If certified by Secretary Schedler, the voting instruments will be sent to an independent testing lab for further evaluation. Assuming that the voting system passes the independent inspection, the equipment will be received by the Secretary of State’s Elections Division and implemented into the election system. The projected implementation of digital paper ballot scanning system on a statewide basis is projected for the spring 2012 elections. For more information about the Secretary of State’s Elections Division, visit or call 800.883.2805 or 225.922.0900.

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