South Africa, United States, Kenya, Columbia, Afghanistan

Wednesday, July 27, 2011 - 3:32pm

AROUND THE WORLD (FOX44) – South Africa, 21-hours after his family called an undertaker to take his corpse away, a man was up and walking again. Obviously he didn't die after an asthma attack like they thought. But his lack of a pulse at the time sure had the mortician fooled.

United States – An 80-year-old woman in Missouri is also alive after getting shot in the face with an arrow. Her neighbor was practicing for an archery contest and obviously missed his target. “Am I mad? No, I think I’m very lucky. I'm lucky.”

Kenya – A farmer has been arrested for exporting poppies. He claims he's innocent because he didn't know the plants were used to make drugs.

Colombia – The annual whale migration is underway and pods of humpbacks are creating quite a spectacle. Some 100-whales have been seen passing through the warm water. The area is the end of a 5000-mile journey for the whales that started in Antarctica months ago.

Afghanistan – TV fans are getting ready for what appears to be a new rendition of "The Office." Instead of it being set inside a paper supply company, the new comedy series will follow around the Afghan workers at the "ministry of garbage." Creators are still sticking with the goofy characters but the show will tackle more serious topics like political corruption.

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