Southern University has issues with professors' checks

Saturday, November 5, 2011 - 2:07pm

BATON ROUGE, LA(FOX44) — Nigel Gwee is a Southern Univesity professor. He says, unlike others, he didn't sign a voluntary furlough offer that would have allowed the university to tak ten percent of his alary away before the Southern Board of Supervisors declared a financial emergency just a week ago, "When I got this pay advice there was an unusual line. It said furlough . I was expecting it, but not that soon considering that the exigency was not official until the second of November. I got mine before," says Gwee.

He was expecting it because once a financial emergency is declared the university has the power to furlough professors' salaries, but he says he had ten percent taken out of both of his September and October paychecks. Chancellor James Llorens says Gwee is in the vast minority and this issue only happened to a couple of professors,"Those that did not agree to furloughs initially voluntary measures. We are then processing those for the November payrolls. There are some of them that delivered their time sheets . As we processed them there might have been one or two that some errors were made on."

Gwee says that number is totally wrong. There were more more than that in his department alone and he says that this has already caused financial difficulties for one one of his colleagues," One professor in fact had some N.S.F. checks reported to her because she didn't expect this because she had no advanced warning this would be done."

A spoeksperson for the university says the problem has been fixed and all professors that were affected by the furloughs have been reimbursed


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