Sprouts believed to be source of recent e coli outbreak

Friday, June 10, 2011 - 1:48pm

NATIONAL (FOX44) - The cause of Europe's deadly e coli outbreak could be vegetable sprouts.
This breakthrough was made by investigators who say they haven't pinpointed the exact source.

The sickness killed 29 people, and made three thousand people very sick.

Despite not finding the source of the outbreak, officials say a large enough pattern has emerged they can be positive that the outbreak was caused by sprouts.

The breakthrough in the investigation came after a task force linked separate clusters of patients who had fallen sick at 26 restaurants and cafeterias that had received produce from an organic farm.

Despite the headway, experts say they can not throw out the possibility that some tainted sprouts are still being used by restaurants and people could still get infected with the bacteria.


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