St. Amant elementary school coping with tragedy

Thursday, February 23, 2012 - 5:20pm

ST. AMANT, La (FOX44) — A St. Amant elementary school is finding ways to cope with the loss of two of their own. That's after Faith Castilaw, 9, and her sister, Patience Lobell, 7, were killed in a car crash Tuesday night. Authories say their mother's car went off Stringer Bridge Road and into Black Bayou. The two girls were trapped inside for more than 30 minutes.

A cloud hangs heavy over St. Amant Primary, where the two sisters attended school. Students are trying to understand what happened and teachers are doing their best to make a difficult transition a little easier.

Judy Kilburn taught both Faith and Patience in kindergarten.

"They loved life," she says. "They came to school with a smile on their face all the time. They were just precious, just precious little girls."

Kilburn says the sisters were often together. "Faith was more of the thinker one and she took care of Patience a lot. She was always hovering over her."

Losing them shook up the entire school.

"It just effects everybody," says Kilburn. "From teachers to kids to everybody the whole community is just all pulling together and praying for each other and it's hard. It's really hard."

Now, school leaders are trying to help the students deal with what happened in a number of different ways.

"We wanted to thank our first responders," says principal Christie Crooks. "We wanted to thank them for what they did to help our students cope."

The first responders that were on the scene that tragic Tuesday night visited the school and met some of the students Thursday.

"You don't always see how a child perceives what happened, but looking at the pictures and seeing how they perceive things, it's really very touching," says St. Amant paramedic Christine Wilson. "It brought tears to my eyes."

It gave everyone a chance to grieve and give thanks. "I think it's part of their healing process as well as our healing process," Wilson explains.

Baby steps for a community saying goodbye. "I think it's going to help everybody have some closure and to move forward and to think of the ones that are still alive and can play everyday."

An account has been set up for both girls at Capital One to help with funeral expenses.


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