Tax to help fund CATS proposed by board

Wednesday, January 11, 2012 - 8:36pm

Like many who ride the bus, Willie Travis needs public transportation to get to and from his job.

"The bus system sems to be horrible compared to other cities like New Orleans or maybe Dallas. They're short on buses all the time, you have to wait at least forty minutes, maybe longer," says Travis.

To try and fix this and other problems, the CATS board on Wednesday decided unanimously to approve putting a property tax proposal on the ballot in a special election in April.

"A dedicated transit funding source is needed to give CATS the long-term financial stability it needs for the quality of service that our regional peers are able to do," says Maor-President Kip Holden.

If voters in Baker, Zachary and Baton Rouge approve the tax, it'll bring in more than $18 million a year to CATS. It'll cost the average homeowner between $10 and $16 dollars a month.

"If you want to ride the bus more conveniently, more accessible, it's really important. Without the vote, nothing counts," says Travis.

And the Mayor-President says now is the time to get it done.

"I stand here wholeheartedly announcing my support for this proposal, because it's right. The time is passed. The time is now and together we must make a difference and do what the public demands and requires," says Holden. 



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