Teachers want Jindal, House Speaker recalled

Tuesday, March 27, 2012 - 6:07pm

BATON ROUGE,LA (FOX44) — "He's stepping on us, He's on our poor necks," says teacher Sheryl Thomas.

Teacher Sheryl Thomas expressing her anger at Governor Jindal.

"If the bill passes he's gonna see the hurt in the long run that it caused the teachers, the homes, the parents, the children and he's going to regret it later, but it'll be too late.

House representatives didn't pass both House bills 976 and 974 until well after midnight Thursday. Teachers believe that proves the Governor is simply trying to ram the legislation through before anyone can really look at it.

"It was strong-armed. It was rushed. There wasn't enough time to really discuss it. We feel like several of the legislators didn't really understand what they wer voting for," says teacher Andrea McFarlain.

Speaker of the House Chuck Kleckley says there's been no rushing, He says education is a priority and has to be dealt with accordingly.

"Education reform is on the front burner of everything. When I ran for office, education reform was one of the top issues, a top topic for me and probably of the other 104 members, so when it was filed and how it was filed, when we heard it the fact is we need education reform here in the state of Louisiana," says Kleckley.

But that's not good enough for teachers at the Capitol Tuesday. They want to recall Kleckley and Governor Jindal.

In order for these teachers to try and recall Governor Bobby Jindal, the first thing they're going to need to do is get more than 950,000 signatures and they're going to have to do it by September 24.

And if the bills do eventually pass, it's a move Thomas supports 100 percent.

"I want him out. Gotta go," says Thomas.

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