Team of deputies prevents crimes before they happen

S.C.A.T. patrols high crime neighborhoods

Friday, February 25, 2011 - 1:07pm

BATON ROUGE, La (NBC33) -- When it comes to keeping crime off the streets, the Special Community Anti-Crime Team, or SCAT, officers believe being proactive is the key.

Over the last few days, shots have been fire numerous times in the Glen Oaks neighborhood. "You hear the gunfire. You don't know which way it's coming from," says resident Gwendolyn Bienemy. That's reason for residents to be afraid. "You go to sleep. You hear this. It frightens you," she explains.

That's where SCAT comes in. "You make a call, they're coming," says Bienemy.

Lieutenant Malcolm Hall has been with the SCAT unit for nine years. It's his job to patrol high crime areas. That's at the request of residents living in those neighborhoods. "We respond to the citizens," says Hall. "Once the citizens call and ask for your assistance, we're that group. We're very unique."

The 12-person team does everything from traffic stops and drug busts to just making the community feel safer. "You get to stop the people before they commit the next crime," he explains.

SCAT spends about 12 hours making their presence known in Baton Rouge everyday. "Half the day you're with your biological family. The other half of the day, you're with your coworkers," he says.

It's something that makes the residents in those high crime areas feel better. "It makes a big difference, you know. Not just for me but for my neighborhood," says Bienemy.

It gives deputies, like Hall, a reason to love their job. "They tell you how much they appreciate everything. That puts a big smile on your face."


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