Ten year anniversary of U.S.S. Cole bombing

Remembrance ceremony for Patrick Roy, who was killed in USS Cole attack. (Kevin G. Gilbert / The Herald-Mail)

Military Commission no closer to prosecution

Tuesday, October 12, 2010 - 3:08pm

WASHINGTON COUNTRY (WGMB) -- The nation pauses today to remember the seventeen soldiers who lost their lives due to a terrorist attack against the U.S.S. Cole.

Ten years ago today, a bomb tore a 40-foot-by-40-foot hole through the U.S. Navy Destroyer in the port of Aden. Memorials for the fallen soldiers were held all weekend in various locations, and many family members expressed frustration with the delay in justice for the responsible party.

Accused coordinator of the incident, Abd al-Rahim al-Nashiri, 45, is believed to be a close associate of Osama bin Laden. He was scheduled to be arraigned in February 2009 for his involvement, but military prosecutors suspended legal proceedings at Guantanamo Bay, thus withdrawing the charges against Nashiri.

According to the Washington Post, military officials said a team of prosecutors in the Nashiri case were anticipating an arraignment by summer 2010. On August 26, 2010, however, the Obama administration shelved the planned prosecution.

Nashiri has maintained his innocence since being captured by the United Arab Emirates in November 2002, when he placed into CIA custody. He says he has nothing to do with the U.S.S. Cole bombing.


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