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'A Thousand Words' movie preview

Wednesday, March 7, 2012 - 10:39pm

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX44) – Eddie Murphy's back and apparently he has nothing to say in his new film.

In his latest comedy "A Thousand Words", Murphy tries to make a statement without really saying anything. Playing a literary agent who can talk anyone into anything, Eddie meets his match in a spiritual guru and a magical tree.

Murphy says: "That's what attracted me to it, that little message about how important your words are, that your thoughts are things and they become words and words are powerful."

Murphy says: "What drew me to this was the challenge to be funny without talking it's like I hadn't done that yet in the 30-years of making movies, it's like what hadn't I done, I’d read something, done that, done that, oh I’ve never done anything like this."

Beginning his career as a standup comic, Murphy knows the importance of words. He says the internet is just latest way for people to express their views.

Murphy says: "They didn't have the internet but people were still talking people were still in the house talking, gossiping and all that stuff was still going on, but now you’re doing it here, it's not like it's some new activity going on, now you can post it and read it. There's more talking, people are doing a lot more chattering than they used to, words have always been really powerful, mean what you say and say what you mean."

And although he personally doesn't tweet or use Facebook Eddie does have opinions on 24-hour news channels and web shows.

Murphy says: "For whatever subject they will twist them for whatever day or week, they'll talk about it then it's a new subject, never really raise a real stink about anything, two or three days something is trending then it's off to the next thing."

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