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Wednesday, April 25, 2012 - 6:03pm

NEW YORK, NY (FOX44) – Country music superstar Toby Keith is out with a new song and one he knew would be a hit.

With nineteen number one country hits, Toby Keith has had his share of chart toppers, but nothing could prepare him for his latest hit "Red Solo Cup." The video became an instant sensation, winning an AMC award and is nominated for two CMT awards and it all started with a couple of phone calls.

Keith says: "I called Larry Bird, I called Roger Clemens, I called my buddy Sammy Hagar, Nugent, everybody I knew, and I said gimme 5-seconds of you doing something stupid, and I’m going to make a 50-dollar video, and I’m going to stick the thing out, and give it free, and then when I play it live, people will know it's a party song."

And of course it got kicked up a notch when the party headed to "Fox and Friends."

Keith says: "They say, we're not going to play it on the show, but we'll play it after the show and we'll put it on our online, on our website. So I did a song on the show, and then I left for Europe and I come back in 22-days, and they go your video has got seven and a half million hits, it's a monster."

The phenomenon may not stop; naturally this businessman is talking sponsorship.

Keith says: "Ford trucks has been my sponsor for 10-years, and you know, we talked to solo cup people after it started getting big, and we said you know, if you want to do something in the tail gate party world, then rock it. Whatever happens, I’m going to have one of these (holding red solo cup), if I have to make my own.

Next Keith is gearing up for his "Live in Overdrive" summer tour kicking off June 14th.

Keith says, "Our live thing is a one of a kind thing. It's our own nation."

And he's looking forward to one day giving his fans a look inside some of his most memorable shows.

Keith says: "It's our tenth year this year to go to Afghanistan and we should surpass 200-live shows in 10-years this year. We've got it all documented. And someday I'm going to do a documentary, show it all, and you're going to see some wonderful heroes and warriors, and you're going to get to see me get older."

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