'Touch' premiere preview

Tuesday, January 24, 2012 - 10:28pm

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX44) – Reconnecting with his loyal fans, Keifer Sutherland is back on FOX with a new series called "Touch." After spending 8-years on the hit show "24," Keifer said returning to TV was a difficult decision.

Sutherland says: "I certainly have done this long enough that you might not ever get a piece of material like this over the course of a lifetime. And, and so very quickly I made the decision, yea, ok well then let’s go do this, and here I am."

Playing a widowed father who finds out his autistic son has the ability to predict events before they happen.

Sutherland says: "It's based on a really wonderful fable, a Chinese story called 'The Read Thread’, which is that all the people in the course of a lifetime are loosely connected by a red thread that tied from ankle to ankle to ankle and the thread can stretch and it can bend, but it can't break."

Mbatha says: "On an emotional level, it really connected to me and that idea of fate and are we all connected."

And whether you believe in fate, or not, Keifer hopes the show will change a few lives.

Mbatha says: "Everything from a simple hello, please, thank you, yes, uh to uh let's say an elevator is really crowded, and a gentleman says no ma'am you go first. Uh, that will have a difference, it will affect the people in the elevator, and it will affect him, whoever he runs into waiting. All of these little moments matter. Uh, and the show is really an examination of that. Uh and how we all somehow affect each other."

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