Tree crushes house in Baton Rouge

Tuesday, June 21, 2011 - 8:26pm

Faye Smart Dickerson has lived in her home on Kentucky Street all of her life, but this afternoon she experienced something she's never experienced before, "felt that boom.  I started screaming, asking my husband arthur [if] you alright?"

 Arthur and Faye were ok after climbing through their roof to safety, but their home wasn't so lucky. A tree completely crushed it. Faye's neighbor Lucy Ann Riley saw it happen, "we rushed out and the tree started falling and it kind of scared us."

It might have been scary, but it wasn't unusual. She's had trees hit her home too, "another branch that fell on this house literally kicked in the back door."

While both Faye and Luci's homes have both suffered Physical damage, Faye knows it could have been so much worse, :we can always get some kind of litle shack, but I thank the Lord for sparing our life."



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