Two California fishermen fight shark to stay alive

Thursday, July 14, 2011 - 1:03pm

CALIFORNIA (FOX44) - Usually it's the fisherman pulling sea life out of the ocean for food, but this one shark must have not gotten the memo.
Scotty Westgaard and David Saldamando like to spend their weekends catching and releasing sharks in the waters off Santa Barbara in their kayak.
The pair was working hard to reel in their catch Saturday, which turned out to be an eight foot Thresher Shark.
Like most fisherman, they wanted to take a picture with their prize catch.
Apparently the shark is not photogenic and began to buck.
The uncontrollable shark ended up flipping Westgaard into the water.
For more than thirty minutes, Saldamando fought with his catch, trying to avoid being bitten.
Eventually the men released the shark back into the water.
Amazingly Saldamando's only injury was cutting his finger on the sharks teeth.



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