Update: Legislature waiting on possible override vote

Tuesday, June 14, 2011 - 5:24pm


The House of Representatives pushed back until tomorrow a vote on whether or not to override Governor Jindal's veto of the four cent tax on a pack of cigarettes.

Even though Governor Jindal vetoed keeping the State's 4 cent tax on cigarettes on the books - there's still a chance it could happen.

That's after a serious effort in the legislature to override the Governor's strike of the veto pen.

The bill would take the 4 cent tax on cigarettes that was set to expire - and make it permanent.

Governor Jindal vetoed the bill late Sunday because he says any extension to the tax - would mean a new tax. Jindal saying quote "I have made a commitment to the taxpayers of Louisiana to oppose all attempts to raise taxes.

After reconvening Tuesday afternoon - there was talk the vote to over ride the veto would happen. For the over ride - it would take 25 votes in the senate - and 70 in the house.


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