Voters flock to polls for Presidential Primary Elections

Saturday, March 24, 2012 - 7:18pm

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) - "My one vote, that's all I can cast, if could cast 100 I would," said Exie Wilkes, a voter in Baton Rouge.

Exie Wilkes is just one of many red stick residents who made their way out to the polls Saturday to cast their vote.
"I wanted to try to change things, the way they are, i think we need someone new in that white house," she said.

Saturday was the primaries.
That means that even though you couldn't choose our next leader today, those who voted will choose your choices.
Voters like Lee Shipp say they want a stake in the whole election.

"I think it's important that we're involved in the whole process and not just the election," said Shipp.
Shipp says these primaries really help you get a feel for the best candidate.
"I think that when we have several candidates running, it’s important to support the candidate that best represents us," he said.

But.. Voters like William Currier say if you don't vote, then you have no say in the candidates, and no say in the choices you'll have come November.
"A lot of people complain about the government, we complain about things we don't like, and this is our opportunity to change it," Currier said.

Currier says he'd rather make a choice he can live with today, instead of letting someone say who he chooses tomorrow.
"People don't really think about it, they don't really think about how much it'll affect them, everything about this nation, a lot of it's changing, it's important," he said.


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