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Friday, April 6, 2012 - 7:52pm

HOLLYWOOD, CA (FOX44) – Actor Mario Van Peebles writes, directs and co-stars with his teenage son in the new coming of age drama called "We the Party".

Tackling some prominent teen issues the film follows high school friends dealing with money, romance, college, bullying, fitting in and Facebook.

Peebles says: "It reminds us a little of "Breakfast Club", of "House Party", of those, those coming of age flicks that had a little nutritional value. But it's definitely new, you know? There's a lot of things going on with kids growing up in 2012, and growing up with the black presidency, and the Zuckerberg, you know, Facebook age, where kids can do good or bad very quickly."

Already an accomplished writer and director Mario's own five children and the film's younger co-stars helped inspire some of the material.

Peebles says: "I had to really hang out with my teenagers. I got 3-boys and 2-girls, and hang out with them and be incognito dad, and make it real. So all the bands that we got in, from the New Boyz and YG, you know, I call teenagers my age, Snoop Dogg, Sally Richardson, Tiny, and he got the rejects, YG, and P. Diddy's son is in the movie, and Snoops son is in the movie. "

Peebles says: "Taking complex things and trying to simplify them like we talked about our kids being exposed to hyper materialism and that sometimes, young people can’t let themselves be tricked into just defining themselves by what they are wearing and what they are driving. Sometimes you gotta stand up and believe in something, stand up and do something and really be able to go outside the box a little bit.

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