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Tuesday, January 31, 2012 - 9:48pm

NEW YORK, NY (FOX44) – Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe does not want to be type cast, choosing to mix things up once again, this time in a supernatural thriller called "The Woman in Black".

Radcliffe says: "This is the kind of film that really sort of stays in your mind and uh, sort of appeals to the fundamental fears that we have of the dark, or things that we evolved to fear."

A ghost-story turned-play-turned-film, following a young lawyer who discovers a scorned spirit, made its star a little jumpy, just by looking at the movie poster.

Radcliffe says: "Two children with their eyes scratched out and underneath it says 'what did they see?' one night I was going to get a glass of water and just suddenly freaked because I looked across the room and I saw these two, eyeless children staring at me."

Now at 22-years-old, the British superstar is turning the page on a new post potter chapter with this film.

Radcliffe says: "I’m under no illusions that this is the film where everyone suddenly goes and sees it and goes 'oh well, he's not Harry Potter anymore'. I don't think that it will be that quick."

And with so much global attention on everything he does, the ex-boy wizard credits his family and friends for keeping him focused on work and out of the tabloids.

Radcliffe says: "Great parents, and good people around me all the time. Um, but uh, yeah, maybe it was because they were such a fantastic ten years. It's quite possible that it's because I loved it so much and had such a great experience, that, you know, i kind of appreciated how lucky I am to be here."

Find Radcliffe and "The Woman in Black" haunting a theater near you.

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