Zachary Residents meet to discuss CATS Tax Proposal

Tuesday, April 3, 2012 - 10:17pm

BATON ROUGE, LA (FOX44) - People in Zachary went to a monthly meeting to learn a little more about a tax proposal for CATS tonight.

Opinions are still very mixed on the issue.
Voters decide on the future of the property tax hike on April 21st.

Those in favor of the tax say Baton Rouge and EBR Parish need it to grow, and people in Zachary need a bus to get to work.
People against cats say there's still lots of questions about whether the services promised like new routes and improved facilities will actually happen.

"Is it as good as it could be? No, but at the same time, are we really going to get what's being touted? I'm not sure," said Metro Councilman, Trae Welsh

"There are people that's like that, people don't have an automobile, we need to support that, we need to support our people," said Sharon McKnight, a Zachary Citizen.
Here's an idea of how much of an increase people will see.

Owners of a one hundred thousand dollar home will pay a little more than a hundred dollars a year.
It's about a 30 percent tax increase.
That's according to the EBR tax assessor.

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