Bathroom bandit strikes again; charged with obscenity at public restroom

A man with a history of bad behavior in a public restroom was busted again. This time he’s accused of exposing himself to people near the kids’ water fountain.

Attempted murder suspect arrested after evading deputies for two weeks

The victim of an attempted murder is continuing to recover and deputies arrested at least one man who is said to be responsible.

WANTED: Man possibly connected to appliance burglary of vacant apartments

Baton Rouge Police Detectives are attempting to identify the individual in the photo attached to this story. He was seen loading appliances on the bed of a truck at 6577 Van Gogh Ave on May 6, 2013.

COLD CASE SOLVED: BR woman accused of stabbing another woman to death in 2000

A Baton Rouge woman was arrested today for allegedly murdering a woman 13 years ago. Sonya Walls Kimber, 48, was taken into custody on Friday, June 28 for the murder that happened back on November 14, 2000.

Baton Rouge woman arrested for attempted murder after dispute with ex over missing TV

A Baton Rouge woman was arrested this morning for allegedly stabbing her ex-boyfriend multiple times back in April during two separate incidents. According to reports, the fight stemmed from an argument involving a missing television.

Sleeping babysitter causes extensive search for missing child in Gonzales; child found safe

A sleeping babysitter caused a frantic search in Gonzales for a missing child. Thankfully, the child was safe, but the child’s temporary guardian now faces charges and the child’s mother was also issued a citation.

Running AC tips homeowner off to burglary; five teens arrested for ‘chilling’ theft

Five juveniles are behind bars after they allegedly broke into a home several times while the victim was away on vacation.

Two men physically, sexually attack acquaintance after breaking into home

Two men face charges for allegedly breaking into the home of an acquaintance. Once inside, they allegedly physically abused and sexually attacked the victim.

Shreveport woman stabs man multiple times in the chest during domestic dispute

A Shreveport woman is behind bars after she allegedly stabbed a man several times during a domestic dispute. Police say the two live in the same home, but are unsure of their exact relationship.

Reward increases to $15,000 for shooting death of Whooping Crane

Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) Enforcement Division agents and U.S.