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EBR man arrested for small marijuana grow operation

 A Baker man has been arrested on drug related charges after police found a small gorw operation at his residence.

Drugs, guns, and over $14,000 in cash seized from Baker man's apartment

A man has been charged with both drug and illegal weapon charges due to the help of informant tips.

Ex-boyfriend nearly shoots victim, himself in altercation; arrested on attempted murder charges

Baker police have arrested a man for attempted murder after almost killing his ex-girlfriend and himself.

Two Tara High students arrested for using illegal gun to threaten classmate

Two students at Tara High were arrested today after a gun was found in the booksack of a 10th grader.

Driver who caused fatal hit-and-run crash confesses, admits to being intoxicated

A man with a history of driving while intoxicated was arrested yesterday for allegedly killing a pedestrian in a hit-and-run crash. Once in custody he allegedly confessed to the crime.

Attempted traffic stop for expired inspection sticker sparks high speed chase

An attempted traffic stop for an expired inspection sticker resulted in a high speed chase that ended with a foot pursuit through a cemetery.

Woman’s boyfriend charged with murder of her 19-month-old child

A woman’s boyfriend was arrested for allegedly killing her 19-month-old daughter.

Final suspect arrested for 2012 murder during robbery attempt

A 21-year-old who evaded police capture for several months was arrested last night. He’s accused of killing a man during an attempted robbery back in August 2012.

Bar fight leads to man’s death, second-degree murder arrest

A man died due to injuries he sustained in a fight that started in a Lafayette bar on Sunday evening.

Synthetic drugs ongoing problem for Narcotics Division

With busts on stores such as Curious Goods and Burnt, it is becoming evident that synthetic drugs are an ongoing problem.