Hunters discovery human bones in St. Amant

Ascension Parish Sheriff's Deputies have teamed up with the LSU FACES lab to search for more remains in the area were hunters discovered a human skull over the weekend. Today the investigators found additional bone fragments.

Teen's friend 'borrows' car, flips it in ditch and flees scene

A young adult has been arrested for taking a friends car without permission and crashing it into a ditch.

'KKK' spray painted on car of woman who was intentionally set on fire

A woman is still in critical condition because police say she was intentionally set on fire.

Arson suspected in North Baton Rouge house fire

Baton Rouge Fire Department investigators are investigating possible arson at a vacant home in North Baton Rouge. Investigators say it happened just before 9 o'clock Friday night in the 5,000 block of Bank Street.

Hit and run crash seriously injures cyclist in downtown BR

A 26-year-old man is in the hospital after he was hit by a car while riding his bike in downtown. The driver fled the scene and Police are working to locate the individual responsible.

Best friends brawl over video game, both end up behind bars

A fight over a video game landed two best friends in jail after fist-fight escalated to the firing of a gun.

Intoxicated driver accused of running traffic signal, killing one in crash

A 24-year-old man died in a car crash last night, and the driver of the vehicle who caused it was arrested for vehicular homicide.

Shooting leaves mother in critical condition

A mother of three is in critical condition after she was shot early Sunday morning.

BRAVE investigation leads to multiple arrests

A multi-agency operation lead to several arrests. Many of those arrested live in the 70805 area code, which is the target area for the BRAVE program.

Man arrested for brining BB gun to local middle school football game

A man was arrested today for allegedly bringing a BB gun to a Southeast Middle School football game. He’s accused of pointing the weapon at students.