Could merging law enforcement agencies in EBR make our city safer?

Wednesday, November 21, 2012 - 1:00am

Metro-City Council member Joel Boe says he wants to merge the EBR Sheriff's Office with area police departments.

Boe wants to head up a committee that would look in to the benefits of unifying the police forces in the parish. The committee was already approved in April 2011, but never formed.

Boe feels certain that joining the forces of police and sheriffs departments will mean a safer Baton Rouge.

"Well, you have a duplication of resources for one,” he said when explaining the benefits. “So there's an opportunity potentially to save money, and then the money you save could be turned in to more officers on the street."

Boe believes this solution is by no means the silver bullet that's going to cure the city of crime, but he says it's at least worth discussing. 

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